Alienware X51 AX51-9300BK review 1There are many desktops in the market which are made exclusively for gamers. The Alienware X51 AX51-9300BK desktop falls in the same category. This one offers so much for the gamers and they will not be shy to have this one at their home by the looks of it.

The design of this gamers-only desktop is completely refreshing and surely gives you the feeling that it isn’t for normal people (non-gamers). The matte stealth black cabinet steals the show as far as the design is concerned. The cabinet is sleek and fits in your room without any issues.

The desktop is powered by a high speed third generation Intel i7 processor that can clock up to a frequency of 3.4 GHz. This can run the operating system as smooth as possible. The processor can also run any high end game without a single hiccup.

The DDR3 RAM has a capacity of 8GB. This is more than enough to meet the requirements to install any game you may want to. The best part here is the graphics card. The graphics card here is the Nvidia GeForce GT640 which has a shared memory of 1GB. This can run some really high end games without a problem.

Alienware X51 AX51-9300BK review 2The hard drive has a capacity of 1 TB. This means you can have as many games in the desktop as possible. There is no constraint whatsoever. If you are planning to use for some other storage you are welcome to do so and will have a lot of space for the same.

The optical drive is another specialty here. It can even run the blu ray discs and also double layered DVDs.

The Alienware X51 AX51-9300BK offers you customization options. You can enable the game mode and you can set up your own profile and make sure everything is there the way you want.

The Alienware X51 AX51-9300BK is only for gamers or you will have to be someone who cares it all for specifications. This is an expense only the gamers can live up with. So go for it if and only you are a gamer.

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