Alienware AAR4-1430BK review 1It surely looks like the gaming season and the market is seeing a lot of gaming desktops. The new Alienware AAR4-1430BK from the Dell is another excellent offering from the same as far as the gaming desktops are concerned. It is also getting a lot of raving reviews and that’s the main reason it is being reviewed here.

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The Alienware Aurora R4 gaming desktop has a unique design to its name and that makes it look very fresh. The front look will give you a note that this isn’t for the normal people and that’s what makes it special. The special ventilation at the sides will make serious gamers go crazy just by the looks of it.

The hardware inside is amazing. This machine is run by an Intel i7 processor that clocks up to 3.6 GHz and it can also be overclocked up to 4.1 GHz. This is possibly the best processor you will get and it runs the operating system (Windows 7) like butter.

This high end processor is complemented by an 8 GB RAM which is a DDR3. The combination of these two is sure to send to give you an experience of a lifetime in gaming.

Alienware AAR4-1430BK review 2Another interesting feature here is the 2TB hard drive. You don’t normally get hard drives that are this big. But since this desktop isn’t normal by any means it offers you a hell a lot of space for stacking up your games one after the other.

There are two slots for graphics cards which mean you can upgrade it without removing the old one. The existing card is pretty good at 1 GB (AMD Radeon HD 6870).

The optical drive is super speedy at 24X and can be used to write double layer DVDs. The absence of an optical drive that could read blu ray disks is a slight disappointment here.

There are 6 USB 2.0 ports and 2 ports which belong to 3.0. The sound effects are again a scoring area for this Alienware desktop.

This desktop is perfect for gamers. It also offers a great deal to other users who like to use their desktops for multi tasking and also hardcore. The Alienware AAR4-1430BK pretty much can satisfy anyone in your house having varying needs.

The Alienware AAR4-1430BK is pretty expensive which we look as its only disadvantage. Not everyone can afford it but those who can will surely have a great time playing.

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