Acer G276HL Gbd reviewIt has been some time since we reviewed a good monitor from Acer. The Acer G276HL Gbd does everything possible to fill that gap. Right from the specifications to the price, it tries hard and succeeds as monitor for all purposes.

The design is pretty chick for a monitor and nothing out of the box. The bezels aren’t wide and don’t interfere with the viewing experience. Being a full HD monitor, the image quality offered is second to no other monitors in the market. The stunning resolution for this budget price is a steal for those who like to watch movies and sports in 1080p resolution.

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The aspect ratio of 16:9 allows the user to enjoy content without any image distortion. If you are fond of sports that involves fast paced action then you are sure to enjoy watching it here because the 6ms response time makes sure there is no ghosting effects when the image is moving at a rapid pace.

The dynamic contrast ratio is another important feature that deserves a mention. The ratio of 100 million to one is more than perfect and you can feast on those deep blacks and bright whites. Gamers will also love the amount of detail they can see; thanks to the response time and the dynamic contrast ratio.

But what gamers will be disappointed with is the 60Hz refresh rate of the Acer G276HL Gbd. They would have like a minimum of 120Hz but with a monitor this affordable, you have to understand they have several corners to cut.

Another drawback with the monitor is that it doesn’t have a HDMI port. This means you won’t be able to connect your gaming consoles to the monitor. But you can use some adaptors if you really want this monitor and yet be able to play with your console. Other than that, there is a DVI-D port which offers some connectivity options to the user.

The Acer G276HL Gbd is an excellent 27 inch monitor that comes with a good deal of features and a very affordable price tag. There are a couple of features that are missing but what you get is for what you pay and you won’t be disappointed with that. If your needs doesn’t include some hardcore gaming, then this could be a monitor you can team up with.

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