Acer has excelled in a number of inexpensive laptops and the new Acer E1-521 NX.M3CAA.003 is a perfect solution for those who are looking for one. Though the price is less, this laptop contains all the features to make the user experience as rich as possible.

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The design is simple and very much likeable. The laptop is very much portable and can be taken anywhere with you considering the fact that it weighs only about 5.5 pounds.

The screen which is 15.6 inches has a good matte finish and isn’t very glossy. The resolution of the screen in 1366x x768 pixels and it offers excellent picture quality which makes it suitable for entertainment purposes.

The laptop is powered by AMD E series dual core processor which clock about 1.4 GHz. The processor isn’t the best in the market right now but still manages to run the operating system (Windows 8) without much struggle.

There is a 4GB RAM which is a DDR3 and it enables the user to run most of the applications. The hard drive is also very standard at 500 GB. This gives you the freedom of storing your valuable data without much constraint.

Connectivity options are also available but rather limited. There are 3 USB ports of which only one is a USB 3.0 port. This can be of help for data transfer at a higher speed.

There aren’t many complaints we can say about the Acer E1-521 NX.M3CAA.003 but still may have certain key components missed. Being a low priced device, it would be unfair to ask for a solid state drive but its presence could have helped the booting of the operating system especially with Windows 8 installed.

The laptop might be behind lot of leading laptops in the market. But the Acer E1-521 NX.M3CAA.003 promises to be an inexpensive laptop with decent features. If you can’t afford the big ones but still would like to have all the functionalities then this laptop from Acer is definitely what you need.

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