Acer E1-510-4487 reviewWelcome to the Acer E1-510-4487 review where we are going to see both the plus and the minus points of the latest release from Acer. Being a budget laptop we can’t expect the high end features from this device but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a useless machine either. Let’s dive deep into this review and see if it is worth the money.


The design is pretty classy and you have seen this in previous models from Acer. There are no surprises here and you can’t expect any, thanks to the affordable price tag. One would have appreciated more if the bezel in the screen hasn’t been this big, but it isn’t a deal breaker in any way. The keyboard gives a nice touch and the touchpad is equally good.

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There is a HD 15.6 inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The screen is well suited for watching movies and other kinds of media consumption. The screen is also good doing office work and also homework in the case of students. Since it is only high definition you may have trouble running ultra high definition videos which is pretty much the case in every other laptop.

Processor and Memory

The processor that runs the Acer E1-510-4487 is the Intel Pentium N3520 processor that can clock up to a frequency of 2.17GHz. This is a quad core processor and so you can use this one to do a really good amount of work. Though it doesn’t match the latest haswell processors it is a good processor at this budget and does the job convincingly.

There is a 4GB DDR3 RAM in the memory department that compliments in the processor and it does so in a beautiful way. There are so good a combo and allow you to do many tasks at the same time a.k.a. multi tasking. There is no strain on the processor even during multi tasking and this reduces the heating of the device to a good amount. If you are someone who does a lot in a small time, you will not be disappointed with this one.

Hard drive and Graphics

The hard drive has a capacity of 500GB and it is understandable why they have restricted the capacity to just 500GB. This, in most of the cases, is a good amount of space to work with. Unless you are an experienced user and have lots of data you can manage with this kind of space. It is perfect of light users in particular.

The Intel HD graphics takes control of the graphics and does a usual job. You can play most of the games and will support the latest games if played with least settings. If you are a hardcore gamer trying to get a budget laptops for gaming look elsewhere like IBuyPower. A casual gamer can live with this one.


The 4-cell lithium battery pack’s life is okay at a little above 4 hours. This is fine for someone working at a place where there is a power outlet (think Home). But if you are outside without a power outlet near you, there is trouble waiting for you. Students may not be able to use this in school but surely can do their work at home.


Connectivity options galore which are a good thing in a budget device like this one. There is one USB 3.0 port which is great value and there are two other USB 2.0 ports that help in data transfer. There is a HDMI port that enables the user with high end connectivity to devices like HD TVs and bluray drives. Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity are standards ones and nothing special.

Is it Worth the Money?

Yes. Acer has given a lot of value in the small price tag. The USB 3.0 port and 4GB of RAM are really good addition in the specifications. Though they have a few missing features overall it is a nice product at an affordable price.


  • Budget Price
  • 4GB RAM
  • USB 3.0


  • Big Bezels in the screen
  • No SSD


The Acer E1-510-4487 is an excellent choice for a budget device. It is perfect for light users and students. If you are planning to buy a laptop for the first time then this is good selection. Go get this if you need a neat laptop in a budget.

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