Acer Aspire S7-391-9427 reviewAcer’s new release the Acer Aspire S7-391-9427 is an ultrabook that has all the capabilities to become a workstation which you can just carry in your hands. With exceptional hardware and the latest software beneath its body let us see if can justify the high price point.

The design is very classy and it is something you won’t hide from your friends. This ultrabook is extremely light and the 13.3 inch screen makes it very comfortable to hold in your hands. With a weight of 2.7 pounds which is approximately 1.3 kg makes it easy to carry wherever you go.

The 13.3 inch screen is a gem here. It comes with full high definition resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) which also means it has an aspect ratio of 16:9. Since the screen is LED backlit it will use lesser energy compared to traditional LCD screens and this means saving on the battery.

The touch functionality of the screen is what makes it very special. This is a multi touch screen that can support up to 10 finger touch. Windows 8 can be experienced to the full with the help of this responsive touchscreen.

The most important thing that makes this device very efficient is the processor. The Acer Aspire S7-391-9427 is powered by a third generation Intel i7 processor which can clock up to 2 GHz. This is simply the best processor you can find in the market these days and to make things better it also comes with the turbo boost technology which enables the user to increase the clocking frequency up to 3.1 GHz.

The 4 GB DDR3 RAM is very good for an ultrabook and it goes hand in hand with the i7 processor. The combination of these two will allow the user to do some effective multi tasking.

The best feature that makes the device stand out is the 256 GB Solid state drive which increases the booting speed by a great amount. This also improves the performance of the system in many other ways too.

The device comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports. These help the user to transfer data at a speed that is ten times more than that of the traditional USB drive. There is also a micro HDMI port to enable connectivity with HDTVs and blu ray players. The latest Bluetooth 4.0 also offers some superior connectivity.

The battery life is also pretty good at about 6 hours. People who travel will find this impressive.

The Acer Aspire S7-391-9427 is an expensive ultrabook but the cost of this device is justified by each and every component of it. Go for this ultrabook only if you are going to do justice to the great hardware.

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